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Thread: Peg lowering / floor boards

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    Peg lowering / floor boards

    I read somewhere that there was an article in the MOA magazine about making your own floorboards (or using something called "mini floorboards"). Does anyone remember when that article was published. Does anyone have any bright idea about lowering pegs/adding floorboards.


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    I'm not sure about the article, but here is a link to a peg lowering kit.

    Here is a link for some floorboards.

    I added the peg lowering kit and love it.

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    I put a set of the floorboards menitioned in the MOA mag on my 04RT. The article only talked about installing passenger floorboards. My wife was having severe feet problems at the time so I was trying to make it better for her. Now that she has gotten her feet taken care of medically I may take the floorboards off since I don't care that much for how they look. The floorboards that I used can be found here
    I installed them on a Suburban Machinery peg lowering kit without any trouble. They cannot fold up when not in use.
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