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Thread: Montana bound...hints?

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    Montana bound...hints?

    After Chief Joseph in June, I'm headed to western Montana to meet a group for a week of riding. Plan to ride Beartooth between Billings and Yellowstone, need a few more suggestions. Maybe head to Glacier Park area?
    Campsites with showers
    Cheap comfortable motels
    Mom + Pop diners
    Roads, roads, roads

    Thanks for the help

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    My favourite road: The Kiowa Cutoff; East Glacier to Kiowa to St. Mary.


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    Take Hwy 12 from the Columbia River Gorge, go over Lolo Pass, but lunch at Lochsa Lodge, near the Powell ID forest campground.

    Take Hwy 93 North to Hwy 40, then to Hwy 2 East (thereby avoiding downtown Kalispell, yuch).

    Hwy 12 continues past Helena but it utilizes I-90 for a bit, until Garrison cutoff and that's okay, that stretch of I-90 is great. Take Hwy 12 into Townsend and stay at White Sulfur Springs, use the hot pools.

    Ride Pintler scenic route Hwy 1 and stay at Fairmont Hot Springs, use the hot pools.

    Ride the Wisdom - Big Hole area and stay at Jackson Hot Springs Hotel.

    I'd rank Kiowa cutoff among the top 5 motorcycle rides in Montana, and that's a tough field to rank.

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