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Thread: F800R looking for new to me

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    F800R looking for new to me

    as I am quitting on my R1100r (lack of time/money/abilities) and looking for my next bike
    F800 r got to the top of my list. ST and GT are on the second position.
    Locally available there are some with what I would call an extremely low mileage (under 10K).
    Generally, I would say, more miles less age is better than older bike, low mileage. (that however is not confirmed by the listed price).
    Or, to look at it differently, what would the age issues be on these models?
    Any advice is greatly appreciated.

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    What year F800R are you looking at?

    2013+ will get you the newer, updated stator.

    Other than the stator, I'd say steering head bearings, rear wheel bearings, and cam chain noise are probably the worst offenders. GS's will eat bearings faster if they are taken off road, but again there were several improvements along the way by year.

    Personally, I'm much more likely to purchased and older bike that's been ridden more, than a garage queen that only has a few miles.

    Luckily, F650/F700/F800 engines across the model range are (nearly) the same thing, so parts and guides are plentiful. I personally find them pretty easy to work on.

    Here's a link to the Tech forum:
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