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Thread: Ride to Lodi,,

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    Ride to Lodi,,

    Hello fellow riders. I hope this is the correct area to post something like this, if not my apologies in advance. At any rate, I had driven through a community last week named Lodi, Missouri. I had the idea of the MOA endorsing a cross country ride including all of the Lodi's through out the nation from California to New York and everywhere in between as per my count. There is 17 towns or communities named Lodi in America. Anyone have any thoughts or idea's on this? If so, post your thoughts or idea's here and we'll see where it goes. Safe travels everyone

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    You could probably find 17 Caplin Coves around here.
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    Great Credence Clearwater Revival song about Lodi, CA.

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    Quote Originally Posted by boborgail View Post

    Great Credence Clearwater Revival song about Lodi, CA.
    Zinfandel country there.

    Also, there are 67 places in the US named "Springfield", if we're looking to build a route using a single place name.
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