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Thread: Who from N,Idaho is doing the all three rally's

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    Quote Originally Posted by SFDOC
    I'm good with either, but guess I would lean towards a Cotton/Blend 'Mock' Turtle-Neck Long Sleeve in Black (The Fast One). But then again a simple white or blue T-Shirt short-sleeve will do fine, for the collection...
    I'm thinking of this as collector's shirts in some sense. First time ever the 'MOA and 'RA have cooperated on any event, much less had their names on it.

    Could you replace the RT with a GS, Thanks.

    Oh sure - what color GS?
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    Quote Originally Posted by GregFeeler
    I love those kinds of shirts - BUT they are seriously expensive, and all the more so with all the complicated graphics (colors and details) required by the POA logo. IF we do the wicking shirts they will likely run $28~30. It would be beautiful - but my concern is that would be too steep for some folks. OTOH, a quality cotton t-shirt would be closer to 20 bux - maybe under.

    The shirt will have the POA logo on the back, with text on the front, and then either "BMW MOA" and "BMW RA" running down the sleeves (on a long sleeve shirt), or the 'MOA logo on one sleeve and the 'RA logo on the other of a short sleeve shirt. So, IMHO, they will be very vivid and distinctive. Given that - who would go for 28 to 30 bux in the wicking material vs the cheaper cotton or cotton blend?

    I think that the expensive shirt would be a mistake for a rally general admission shirt. OTOH The guys doing the Tour are spending a fair piece of change to do so. If I spend another $10/15 for a top quality shirt, it seems like a good deal. My biggest gripe with lessor shirts is that after a few washings, they become size large, then size medium. Maybe I wash my cloths too often?
    I have no idea how many are actually doing the Tour, do preorders make sense for participants? I'm sure that all you need at this point is another project!!


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