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Thread: 2023 r1250gs key fob battery question ?

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    2023 r1250gs key fob battery question ?

    Folks, 2023 r1250gs, My display shows "remote key battery at 50%. No functional limitation".
    My question to the group is.
    Will the message count down, as in 40%, 30%, 20% and so on? Or will it show 50% and then go dead. Thanks

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    Looking at the manual the next waning just says Remote Key Battery Low.

    I replace our fob batteries once a year so I've never seen the warning.
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    No additional warnings

    It just goes from 50 to 0 and some functions stop at that point. I used cheap batteries from Harbor Freight and had to replace after one month. Going to try some good Energizers next time and hope I get a year or more out of them.

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