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Thread: Gripping your throttle, are you doing it wrong?

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    Quote Originally Posted by skibum69 View Post
    Ok, one thing I just found out is that this concept does not work on all bikes. I was just out on my KTM 640 that has quite wide bars. You cannot grip the bars this way as you can't get your elbow out that far.
    Try it while standing up and riding over fairly rough ground.

    What I’ve found with this grip technique is that it’s far less likely for the bike to go whiskey throttle.

    btw, the angle of your grip doesn’t need to be extreme, just not at a 90 degree angle.
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    I went out on my R65 LS after and found that this throttle position works ok there. Definitely a bit of getting used to to adjust your grip.

    As for standing on the pegs I'll have to try it to see but my initial guess is that the width of the bars will intrude again. Plus standing you don't have to worry about the same dynamics that are shown in the video so I think a straight grip is fine. I do like the thought of easing up on the whiskey throttle.

    I have a couple of other bikes to test when I get back to them.
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    On my bikes with narrower bars, it's transformative. It helps me keep from locking my elbows and really transfers control of the throttle to my wrist/hand.
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    Young lady doing it right.

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    I had a chance to try this today on my /7. I vote NO for my riding. Like Lee:

    I had to do two moves to get my fingers on the brake to move the grip into the palm of my hand and then next to extend my fingers. I can easily brake (and often do) with two fingers for my typical braking. With my normal grip with the bar in the middle of my palm, I can easily extend my fingers to cover the brake.

    The "ice cream cone" method is a non-starter for me.
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    I’m always dubious when someone says their way is the ONLY correct way of doing something and every other way is wrong. People are built differently. Bikes are built differently. Circumstances vary. Goals vary.

    I definitely agree with the initial premise of don’t have a death grip and lock your elbows. Everything after that depends on a multitude of variables. Sorry, I didn’t mean to bring up Depends to a bunch of old guys.


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    Quote Originally Posted by 98lee View Post
    Sorry, I didnít mean to bring up Depends to a bunch of old guys.
    Now that was funny but you do need to duck around here!

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