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Thread: Air filters

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    Air filters

    It time to replace the air filter the bike. Did a search for air filters and came across a brand of air filters (Hiflofiltro) that are close 60% less then asking price bmw stock prices. Has any used this product?

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    Haven’t used that brand on anything, tho I do have some HiFlo oil filters for airheads that have been gifted to my collection. Have you checked at

    BB sells Mann and Mahle filters, two companies that have been suppliers to BMW. Plus, BB is an MOA supporter and as a member you can get a discount using the code published in their ad in the Owner’s News magazine.

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    Good product , and their oil filters have passed some extensive tests . Two headquarters in the world . USA Georgia and the UK .
    Read their story .

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    This was a brand of filters, that I was unfamiliar with. I am shocked. that I could find an air filter for under $20 with shipping. The price is what raised the red flags.

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    I can't find any mention of Hiflo's air filters on the forum posts...oil filters, yes, but not their air filters.

    I did, however, find this on Hiflow filters:
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    I just spent $43.00 for an air filter for my 94cc chainsaw.

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    HiFlo did score pretty well in Mr. Bestrest's testing

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