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Thread: Replacing tach and speedo into plastic "dash" housing (1984 R65LS)

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    Replacing tach and speedo into plastic "dash" housing (1984 R65LS)

    FIGURED IT OUT --- the plastic housing is a bit more malleable than you'd think, and some gentle sanding on the inside edge of the
    housing holes provided just enough room to flex the plastic and pop it back in ....
    Thanks, and this is a great forum !!

    Is there a trick or technique to reinstalling the tachometer and speedo back into the plastic housing without breaking it ?
    I was able to reinstall the speedo, but man I really thought the plastic was going to crack (more than the two small cracks
    on each hole at about 4:00 o'clock) at any moment.
    The speedo seems even more of a tight fit - if there are any tips or methods to getting it back in, I'd sure appreciate knowing ....

    Just checking - they both go in from the front, correct ? Seems impossible to come in from the rear ...

    Thanks sincerely for any help or advice anyone can share !

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