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Thread: Upgrading Everything Need Suggestions on Starter and alternator

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    Upgrading Everything Need Suggestions on Starter and alternator

    I am stripping down my 77 r100/7, electrical and everything and I am replacing the alternator and starter. I want to go with top of the line. Iíve heard that Cognito Moto sells a solid Enduralast unit but I also heard Silent Hektik is great as well. As for starters Iím unsure which one to go with. Definitely not Bosch. Any suggestions? FYI Iím running everything to a Moto gadget m unit blue.

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    I have a 1977 R100RS (a /7). Some vendors that I like doing business with are Motorrad Elektrik and EME (Euro MotoElectrics)

    Rick at Motorrad Elektrik has a Nipon Denso-based starter that uses planetary gears (without glued in magnets) that I like (and use).

    Both EME and Motorrad Elektrik have options for charging systems (I have one of each for my airheads). I have only heard good things
    about both. The EME system uses permanent magnets rather than the energized magnets, but both systems give a greater output than
    the stock system, are reliable, and well supported.

    I use a Boyer electronic ignition which has been trouble free for over 20 years.
    Advice on airhead ignition systems-

    Rick Jones at Motorrad Elektrik has a "must have" book on airhead charging systems -

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    I went that route.
    I replaced the alternator with Motoradd Electrik alternator upgrade and have had nothing but success with that upgrade. Mine, a few years ago was the 400 Watt alternator and I have no issue running a pair of halogen H3 running lights (one 35w & the other 55w) and a heated jacket liner at the same time. The installation was straight forward and it has lasted years. I hear the other alternator upgrade is similarly well regarded (euromotoelectrics)
    For the starter, on my 82 RS it came with a Bosch starter. I simply had it rebuilt by a local guy and it has been flawless. I have heard about using Toyota starters, but I don't see the point of throwing stuff out if it just needs freshening
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    Newer design starters seem to spin the engine faster than the old Boschís, but the older starters were known to be more reliable. I replaced a troublesome glued magnet Valeo with a Caltric brand purchased on eBay. Although it cost only $60 new, the Caltric has performed flawlessly for several years.
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    Quote Originally Posted by robsryder View Post

    Rick at Motorrad Elektrik has a Nipon Denso-based starter that uses planetary gears (without glued in magnets) that I like (and use).
    I have one of these that is approaching 30 years old and it still works perfectly.

    Also, since you're in there doing stuff, I highly recommend the Wedgetail ignition system. I could not believe how much better my R80 G/SPD+ started and idled after I installed this system.

    (That is Motorrad Elektrik's Omega Charging System in there, as well. I replaced the near 30-year old Omega that was in there just because I wanted a new one).


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