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Thread: F800 GS front tire recommendations

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    F800 GS front tire recommendations

    Looks like it is time for a front tire for the old F800.

    Size is 90/90-21 MC 54 H

    I think the first tire was a Bridgestone Battlax. The current front tire is a Metzler Tourance which was a pretty fair match at the time it was changed.

    Nothing against either of these tires as they have worked well- just getting a bit thin and I think it's what I detect in the handling change.

    The rear tire that I changed is now a Heidenau K-60 which has been great, has been wearing like iron, but seriously tough to mount- on my hands and knees. Looks like Heidenau is now offering a tire sized for the front.

    Mostly the pothole laden roads here in the Northeast.


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    U took the words right out of my mouth, OM.

    Heidenau rubber is long-lasting and perfect for a GS application!

    U could use the K60 or a less-aggressive K76.

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    Mostly on-road, long lasting, and decent wet performance? I've enjoyed the Michelin Anakee III's

    50/50 that is long lasting and holds well on wet tarmac and decent in gravel? Then I found the a Dunlop Mission Front and a Motoz Tractionator GPS to be the perfect combo. I took this combo up the Haul Road last year and they performed amazingly well, then did about 75% of the Trans Minnesota Trail and it still had quite a bit of tread left over on both.
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