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I'm not a dealer and I spent 20 bucks on the retracting tool. If one would rather do it their own way they are welcome to do it their way. I'm merely trying to help the general community with my experience - like I did when I researched the part numbers for the brake pads for your bike, rtwiz. If someone wants to be critical of the way I do things perhaps they may want to look in the mirror before posting.

I'm out.
Geez! If you like your retracting tool, just use it already. Sorry if my post came off wrongly.

I've got a car lift and have changed so many brake pads on track-day cars, I couldn't count. I've used a tool like that only one time. I was at the track helping someone who had one. I've never seen a caliper I couldn't retraract without a retracter tool...maybe there is one but I've never come across it. I've worked on tons of BMW cars and lots of BMW, Duc and Aprilia bikes. Mostly BMW.

Thanks for the part number. Now to find someone who will sell those pads to me...probably not curvygirl. I'm pretty happy with the HH for now. Maybe I'll look into these when my HH need replacing.

All good. Didn't mean to be a jerk.