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rocinante lives up in my part of the country, about 90 minutes north of me.

We exchanged some private messages, and then several phone calls... he's a good guy.

Before he jumps off the deep end in investing a lot of money in diagnostics gear I loaned him my OBDLink module and the proper cable for his bike ... and talked him through installation of Motoscan on his Android phone...

I have both GS-911 and Motoscan and was able to explain a lot of the differences to him. I'm letting him borrow my ODB hardware to see if that's the path he wants to take.

We both have some travel in the next couple of weeks so I'll check in with him in a while; I get up to his area quite frequently and may take my GS-911 up there as well so he can see the other solution.

Stay tuned...

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Thats what this place is all about!