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Thread: Mirror Problem 2000 K1200LT

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    Mirror Problem 2000 K1200LT

    The sideview mirrors on both left and right rotate on some sort of ball. (Can't see in there). When new, they are tight and the viewing portion stays put when adjusted with finger pressure. Over time, the units have undoubtedly worn and now will no longer stay in position when adjusted. Has anyone figured out a solution to this issue, without buying brand new mirror assemblies that is? Thanks - BrickRider

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    Not sure of your specific any pictures? There was this recent discussion about mirrors coming loose...maybe some ideas?
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    Thank you for the reply. I read all of those on that thread. They concern the entire mirror body coming loose from the rest of the bike, which was/is a common headache.

    The problem on my bike is that *inside the mirror assembly itself* the mechanism seems to have worn loose. After you adjust the mirror, the first bump in the road knocks the mirror glass out of alignment. Part# 51 16 2 347 188 can be viewed on any online parts lookup.

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    I think the ball pivot can be tightened from the inside. Try the process at this link to disassemble the mirror:

    Sounds a bit scary but it’s kind of a Yoda thing- “Do or do not, there is no try.”

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    Thank you. Will look into it. And Yoda is right. - Brick

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    2000 K1200LTC mirror assemblies

    OK, so here it is a month later, and the mirror problem is finally solved. The constant interruptions of Life got in the way, compounded by the endless waiting for parts to arrive. This process is hard to explain even when looking at some of the parts or on a diagram, so will do my best in the hope that someone else will profit by my experience. 2000 K1200LTC.

    The main problem is that the 23-year-old plastic of the adjuster unit 51 16 2 347 188 (located inside the mirror assembly behind the glass) turned brittle and broke on *both* mirrors. Each glass would no longer hold adjustment, as the next bump in the road would knock it out of alignment.

    The first problem is how to remove the mirror glass without breaking it ($100 each glass 51 16 2 347 238). The link provided by DeVern details the procedure, and it works! The solution employs the concept of inertia to separate the two halves. It involves slamming the mirror assembly face down onto several layers of towel or blanket laying on top of your workbench, spiced by the devil-may-care attitude that you cannot hurt a rotten egg. Good thing my bench is wooden, as I was too chicken to try it on a metal workbench. The outer mirror assembly (that matches the bike color) is NLA by the factory. It took 4 tries, each progressively harder, before the adjuster behind the glass let loose.

    The broken adjuster unit base inside the actual mirror assembly is easily replaced by removing 3 screws with a T-10 Torx screwdriver. The problem is the top half of the old adjuster unit which stays with the mirror glass when separated by the inertial slam. It is locked in by 8 plastic “alligator teeth” which are situated on 8 tabs set inside a 2.75” plastic circular support ring located on the backside of the mirror glass. That ring is fastened in place to the backside of the glass by a thin layer of super sticky foam. The problem becomes how to remove the inner ring of plastic of the old adjuster from the outer ring of the plastic support circle of the mirror glass which we want to re-use. I was told by several dealers to just pry the 2 rings apart with a screwdriver and take your chances that nothing breaks. Did not want to do that, figuring that all the old plastic is just as brittle as that which had snapped into pieces.

    Decided to take the parts to my friend Ed who has a local welding & machining shop. I figured that in a worst case scenario he could always use his End Mill to carefully grind the 2 pieces apart. He had a better idea. Digging in one of his many tool drawers, he came up with an antique looking old-timey soldering iron. Under a strong light, he carefully melted a piece out of the inner ring (old adjuster), then grabbed the rest with a pair of pliers, and out it came. The first attempt was a little messy, but by the second one, the beautiful job officially qualified him to go into the business of BMW K-Bike mirror repair. The mirror glass snapped onto the new adjuster unit, and voila! the mirror assemblies function just like new.

    Thanks for your interest, and for the thoughtful suggestions.

    Ride safely,

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    Good job. Thanks for the follow up.

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    Well done! Glad to hear that you got it fixed!

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    This sounds like something that should be in the K-bike DIY/Tech Library! I’ll move a copy over there.

    Well done Brickrider!


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