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    Another great get together ride, the Slimy Crud Ride. This time I hope to meet Peter Egan. I seen him onetime somewhere, but some guy was talking tech talk to him and I couldn't get a word in. He doesn't know me, but the connection is the 84 R100RS he bought from Mischler's. I would like to share some stories with him about my favorite motorcycle. Bill never did tell me who bought it, but one day Jim Klas "Santa" ask me if I read the story by Peter Egan about my old beemer in the Dec 1990 Cycle world issue. One part of the story that I took alot of ribbing was where he said, "Waitress, more coffee! I've got to ride!" I never knew who Peter Egan was, but I know now. I read all the stories on the 84 RS plus I still read every issue on what Egan has to said. He doesn't have the RS anymore, but if he did, I still have a folder about a 1/4 thick about the RS that I was going to give him. About the clutch, Bill knew it was slipping. The only reason for that clutch slipping was the slow races in the field events. If it wasn't a first place it was a second. We did about 13 to 14 rallys every year and always got in the field events. I was going to keep the 84 because I didn't think I was going to like the K100RS, but it grew on me and I gave the 84 to Mischler's to sell for me. The K100RS had 98 or 99 thousand when I traded it for a 2003 K1200GT and that has 45,000 on it now. The Slimy Crud , here we come

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    is that ride tommorow? I have several Subaru friends riding in it.

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    It's actually 5-7-06.

    No snow this year, kinda takes the fun outta it.

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    snow ride

    No snow this year, kinda takes the fun outta it
    Exactly. That was interesting last year, nuthin better than riding for a few hours in the snow...

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