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Thread: Central Michigan - Airhead Mechanic recommendation

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    Central Michigan - Airhead Mechanic recommendation

    I hope this is a good place for this question ~ I'm looking for a competent Airhead Mechanic recommendation in the central or northern part of the state (lower peninsula). Thank you. Al

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    From the Airhead Club list of capable shops, they show Detroit Iron Cycles in White Lake. I don't have anything to offer about them, but give them a call and see how it feels.
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    Across the border from you in Sarnia is Motowerks. I haven't used them bur they specialize in airheads. As well the dollar will work in your favour Big Time.
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    Airhead mechanic

    Rob Lacey in St. Helen Michigan is excellent.

    I have two phone numbers 989-389-3427 and 989-387-0625.

    Let me know if they don't work.

    Works out of a little shop at 1971 Duck Rd off from W. Airport Road.

    He is a MOA member but does not do the forum to my knowledge.

    Wayne Koppa
    Grayling, MI

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