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Thread: Evac/medical insurance?

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    Evac/medical insurance?

    Do you guys carry any insurance for things like evac from a wreck in a remote location? I do a lot of riding on "out there" roads where a chopper might be deemed the best/fastest way to get me to a hospital if I took a fall. I know the costs for that can get out of hand and I'd like to make sure that if I ever need it (hope not) it's not a financial catastrophe.

    I already have a Garmin InReach, and they do offer a very reasonably prices SAR (search and rescue) insurance option, but, I can't really figure out if I'd be protected if I got hurt and was picked up by a chopper but never set off the emergency locator. I need something that follows me, basically health insurance for ambulances.

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    Welcome to the forum! There is a recent discussion about this in the Motorrad forum area:
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