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Thread: Trying to find the first owner

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    Trying to find the first owner

    Hi. Last week a bought a super clean 2003 R1150GS for a guy in Chicoutimi, Québec. Thw guy had only rode it 6miles before selling it the next year, for medical reasons. Unfortunatly, he didn't kept any info one the previous (and probably first) owner. The only thing I know is that it was bought in 2003 at MCBride cycle in Toronto, Canada (which closed in 2006), and the guy I bought it from got it from a guy in Toronto, so ill take a gander and say its the first owner (that would make me the 3rd owner). Normally I would not post here, simply because of the futility of my ressearch, but it just so happens that the bike has a BMW MOA sticker AND a sticker, respectively on the right luggage and on the rear mudguard. It also has a Dakar sticker on the front mudguard. I would very much like to have more info on the bike, how it was ridden, where, any mechanical fixes, etc... So im trying my luck here. The VIN is WB10495A93ZL20117 and here are some picture:


    Covered up the plate since it was the second owner's.

    I anybody knows a guy in the Toronto area that had a bike like this and sold it last year, feel free to contact him and give him my email adress, at "". Who knows, maybe ill get lucky and actually find the guy!
    Louis Leblanc
    2003 BMW R1150GS
    1982 Suzuki GS650GL
    Amos, QC, Canada.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rocketmanli View Post
    No luck there unfortunatly. Waiting for more input
    Louis Leblanc
    2003 BMW R1150GS
    1982 Suzuki GS650GL
    Amos, QC, Canada.

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