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Thread: Valve specs? 2014 F800GT

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    Valve specs? 2014 F800GT

    Hello all, Please, would anyone know the clearance specs in either metric or standard 2014 F800GT ? Thanks! Tim

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    Welcome to the Forum!

    The intakes are .18-.26mm (.007-.010”).

    The exhausts are .27-.35mm (.011-.014”). Shoot for the loose side of spec. on the exhausts.

    Shims are available in .05mm (.002”mm) increments.


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    Good Morning Lee,

    Thanks so much for the helpful info. Might even try to use it this afternoon...this mornings plans are to take the top ends off the slash 5 see if I can figure who's knocking ever so slightly in there ...and if theres gas left in the tank after that , wheel the F bike in for a valve check...jeez does it ever end haha

    Greetings from Vernon BC,


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    I haven't gotten around to that one yet, but there's a bunch of other good info for the F-Twins in the F-Twin Tech Library:

    (In case you haven't poked around yet)
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