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Thread: F700GS idles and dies then restart

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    F700GS idles and dies then restart

    My wife has a 2014 F700GS approximately 24k miles. Owned since 7k miles 4 years. The bike just recently started this. It starts fine, idles about 2 minutes and dies. It is sudden, idling a little over 1000 rpm, and just dies. Hit the start button and it fires right up. It runs fine while riding, no missing, plenty of power and just seems fine. No lights on dash.

    Before I start pulling things apart any thoughts on where to start with a diagnosis?


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    On my F800GS, I had decided to check the spark plugs after a weird problem with another Rotax powered engine that turned out to be spark plug related.
    While accessing the spark plugs I had to remove 2 rubber hoses that passed left to right as part of the intake system. The hoses were bad and could not be reinstalled so I Kleebered up some loops of hose to get me by until I could get the factory parts.
    The temporary repair gave me the symptoms you described. If the hoses on your bike have gone bad, it may be the cause.
    If you look on MAX BMW parts diagram, you will be able to clearly see the 2 hoses.


    Found my thread which has a picture of the hose-
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    Does it do it while riding?
    I have a new to me F650 twin that would stall when at stop signs, then while riding.
    I replaced the fuel pump (easy to do) and it's been fine for about a month now.
    Just something to consider.

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    @jnrugg, At this time it runs fine will riding. I will find out tomorrow we are doing a short camping trip with a 200 mile round trip ride.

    Omega Man Thanks for the info

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    Agree with OM - start with the small rubber hoses underneath the airbox. I had the same problem with my F800 - ran totally fine at speed, but lots of rough running at low speeds and idle with improper seating of those hoses.
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    Thanks for the insight. It will be best weeks project.

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    Well I did nothing mechanically to the bike. I did however put in about 3 ounces of Seafoam and then the wife and I went on a 400 mile Moto camping trip. Fired it up today and let it run until the fan kicked on. It did not die or run rough.

    I am calling it fixed for the time being. I will keep an eye on it. We head to Paonia in a couple of weeks for Top O Rockies hopefully all should be good.

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