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Thread: 2023 International Rally Women's Seminars

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    2023 International Rally Women's Seminars

    Always, my very favorite seminar at the International Rally is one on Saturday morning entitled WOMEN WHO RIDE!

    (Even the year I was riding 73,660 miles in 6 months for the Mileage Contest, I took time from riding to attend this seminar.)

    I've been introduced to so many amazing women this way.

    And this year was no exception.



    Led by our own Jennifer Ott


    You could ask anyone in our group and you'd hear fantastic stories


    Tracy Charles and Roo


    Jean Copas


    Kandi Spangler


    Sasha Mullins Lassiter

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    I think this was the first one...

    Charleston, 2003

    If there's one thing I always tell prospective members of the MOA, it's that the women in this club are exceptional riders.

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