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Thread: MotorCycleCruise installation on GS

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    MotorCycleCruise installation on GS

    The May ON highlights an aftermarket cruise control for R bikes. The internet site is very descriptive about the installation but I am seeking anyone's input who has installed and used this product. It seems rather pricey but could make a wonderful addition to our bikes.
    Any suggestions and comments would be appreciated. Pat OHio R1150GS

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    I have taken a close look at this...

    and I have my concerns.....

    it requires a number of cable and chains to control the TB's on both sides..

    it is full of potentials for things to go wrong, out of adjustment, and just plain screw up the basic operation of the bike....

    I know of no actual problems, and I have no axe to grind, but I would not let this get anywhere near my bikes...
    Jim Bud...

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    I use a rubber washer -- 1 5/8 inch I believe. From ACE for about a buck. some use the Caterpiller Tractor equivelent -- nice yellow color. Get one big enough in diameter to not get wedged too tight between grip and bar end.


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    There have been discussions about the safety of a cruise system on the GS and bikes with a like throttle control system. The GS relies solely on a spring throttle return for power reduction; single cable design. Does this unit address the issue?
    A dual cable setup allows the rider to over ride the cruise in the power reduction direction, a single cable setup does not.
    A bike will typically have more explosive acceleration in the event of a cruise control glitch than an auto.
    Thinking out loud here, I'd sure hate to be on the new K if the throttle unexpectedly blipped full open.


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