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Thread: Not a new member .. but

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    Not a new member .. but


    I have been a member since 2012, but not very active on the Forum.

    I pop on from time to time to catch up and the goings on, and have gone to to a couple of rallies over the years. I have a couple of questions that I wasn't able to research on the internet. So I thought I would post the question to the MOA world and see

    I have always carried the Members Book on the bike(s) when I travelled around North America, always found it somewhat reassuring that if I needed some assistance I could open the book and look in the area that I'm travelling. As I now meander around Europe I am aware that there is no support network available if needed ?

    The BMW MOA app that I downloaded from the Apple Store, is that free to use by members ? Must admit that I was unaware the App existed, but I looks very good

    And, is there a BMW MOA equivalent in the EU ? specifically Spain.

    Thanks Ivan

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    I checked an older paper copy of the Anonymous book. In the back, there is a small section with international listings...only one in Spain in Tarragona. There's also a separate listing of MOA Ambassadors including international entries...I'm sure they would/could be of help. However, I checked the e-version of the book and only Canada is available. You could check with the office and see if the paper version contains the international information.
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    The 2023 Anonymous Book has about two pages of international listings, but I see no clubs nor individuals for Spain.
    Closest would be one member listing in Portugal, or ten members in the U.K.

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    its interesting - BMW MOA is a thing

    its interesting, the BMW MOA is a thing, it really is - a great magazine, great rallies, great forum, great resources . I had alway thought (yet never knew ) that it was a format copy of what was also happening in Europe

    Well done !

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