Last month my 'Best Friend' (of 16-continuos years in the military and into retirement) and his wife and I took a three hour tour (fun ride). Not anywhere interesting but just a day out. Since his XR650L was still laid up with an engine rebuild and I happen to have an extra (Buddy Bike) I said let's go for a quick ride. I didn't have his pictures until a couple days ago, but having them now seemed like a thread in 'Ride Reports'.

Just local back-roads, but we had a great time and sure enjoyed sharing my new bike with him and his wife.

The wife and both bikes in a park

Two of my Beemers (the other one has four-wheels)

Me on the 'Pig' (Nothing Behind, Life is In-Front)

Life Moves Ahead and down the road

Life catches up pretty fast, (yeah that's at about 50-mph, look Mom ((In the mirror)), No Hands, ThrottleMiester )

Life gets away again

Life stops every now and then for a Mountain (Rainier)

and then moves back again

Sometimes it's way out in front

and sometimes it's looking back at ya'

We had a great time, lots of fun and cool stories after it was over. A one-hundred twenty mile trip that will last a life time.

Thanks for coming along.