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Thread: Connected Ride App

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    Connected Ride App

    I typed “connected ride app” in the forum search line and was offered about 1,500 pages to choose from none of which mentioned “connected”, “ride”, or “app”.
    Anyway my new RT and iPhone seem to be finally cooperating with each other however when I lock the phone in it’s cradle and start the bike the led lights up green then after several seconds turns to yellow. After an afternoon of riding the phone’s battery is running low and the led is still yellow.
    Anyone else had a similar experience? How can it be corrected?
    As soon as I posted this I saw a few pages concerning the connected ride app. The issue I’m having wasn’t mentioned.
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    What type of phone do you have? And is it in a case? I have the same issue and I have an iPhone 14. It will not lay flat on the inductive charger. My iPhone 11 worked perfectly as it had a flat back. I end up just using the charge port on the right side of the cradle with a 6 inch USB-C to lightning cable.

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