I need some advice. I needed to change the oil in my 2012 K1600 GTL before heading up to the Rally. I stopped by to pick up the oil, filter, and crush washer at Eurocycles Orlando. I will never let these guys do service on my bike after the nightmares I've had previously with the. Apparently they can't even pick out 5 liters of oil correctly either. I had poured 4 liters of the oil into the bike before I realized these Bozo's have given me 3 quarts of BMW Avantec Ulitmate 5w40, and 2 liters of BMW Aventec Pro 15w50 oil. Of course, I had put 2 of each into the bike. My gut tells me I'll be fine, but damn...how hard is it to pick up 5 liters of the same oil? So....I ride about 90% of the time in very hot Florida, so the 15w50 doesn't bother too much. I figured I'd tap the braintrust here to see if anyone has knowledge of why I'd need to correct this immediately before putting too many miles on the bike. Thanks....hope to see ya'll in a couple of weeks at the Rally.