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Thread: Barkbusters on the g310gs

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    Barkbusters on the g310gs

    I'm having difficulty installing Bark busters on my g310gs. I cannot attach the multi fit clamp on the throttle side of the handlebar the way the instructions tell you to install them. It will work if I flip the multiclamp upside down. But I still have to put pressure on it to get everything to bolt together. And additionally when everything is bolted up the nut that connects the clamp connector to the multifit clamp hits the tank when you go to full lock on both sides. Any ideas?

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    If they don't fit you may want to return them and buy some that are guaranteed to fit without the problems your having.

    I very seldom get my 310 in a situation where bark busters are needed.

    I do like to have wind guards but don't have them at this time.

    I do have foldable levers so when I fall over they don't break off like the stockers

    Wayne Koppa
    Grayling, MI

    BTW I have two gravity shortened 310 levers available.

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