I am collecting information regarding the Rear Drive Failure issue for the K1200LT. I am not looking for a detailed commentary, opinions, speculation, or general chat on the subject. I am working with a couple people from the BMWLT.net community to provide as much data as we can to BMWNA, NHTSA, and BMW AG. To summarize what we know about the rear drive failures:

- "officially" at least 260 rear drives have failed out of 7600 bikes (this data was provided to us in August 2002 by the BMWNA area technical rep at CCR 2002 in Santa Fe)
- at least 2 K1200LT rear drive failures duing the 2003 IBR (plus a few other models as well)
- 5 confirmed drive failures (4 inbound/1 outbound) occurred during CCR 2002 in Santa Fe
- 7 confirmed drive failures (4 inbound/3 outbound) occurred during CCR 2003 in Gatlinburg (with 2 additional unconfirmed rear drive failures that are currently being investigated)
- over 70 documented failures in our own database of nearly 3300 members, including one case where the failure resulted in a fire on the bike
- many threads regarding the concern over the rear drive failures and its impact on the customer's enjoyment of the K1200LT

Okay, you're now probably saying, "So what?". Well, all I am asking is that if you have had a failure of your rear drive that you please take the time to complete the survey (instructions below). NOTE: If you have had a rear drive failure on a non-K1200LT model, I'd still like to hear from you.


Rather than clutter the IBMWR list with these responses, I am asking that you respond either directly to me at eljeffe@k1200lt.net , or take a moment and visit the BMWLT.net community and respond to the survey at http://tinyurl.com/fvp4

Please provide the following information in your response:

1. First Name
2. Last Name
3. Email Address
4. City
5. State or Province
6. Country
7. Model
8. Model Year and Build Date (i.e., 2002-0501 is 2002 model year built in May 2001)
9. VIN (just the last 7 digits is fine)
10. Mileage currently on your bike
11. Mileage when you encountered your failure
12. Type of oil used in final drive (dino or synthetic)
13. Was there any warning of impending failure (include a description)?
14. Do you ride mostly one-up or two-up
15. Do you pull a trailer
16. Brief description of failure (generalized technical description is good - seal, entire drive, etc.)
17. Resolution (if any)
18. BMW Dealer who does your service (or the one you like to do your service)
19. Did you require assistance from BMW Roadside Assistance / Cross Country Motor Club
20. Have you reported your failure to NHTSA


If you answered NO to question 20, please take a moment to enter your failure in the NHTSA complaint database at


Thanks in advance for your help.


Jeff Eagan