for those looking at coming thru CO on I-70 (yeah, i know, the back roads are better.. but let's assume that some are more time restricted than that. poor devils)- here's a recent memo sent out by Colorado Beemers..
Good advice from the Colorado Beemers for those who may travel through Eisenhower Tunnel on I-70 on a motorcycle:

"One wouldn't think that the major interstate highway across Colorado would make the top of the list of hazardous roadways. CDOT has temporary orange markers at the Frisco on ramp and east of the tunnel saying "hazardous roadway next 9 miles". For good reason. The road is spauling and eroding throughout the stretch. The most hazardous for motorbikes, however, is at the entrance to the tunnel, in both directions. PLEASE NOTE: WHEN ENTERING THE TUNNEL ON YOUR BIKE, BE SURE TO USE THE LEFT LANE! There is heavy rutting and deterioration in the right lane most of the way through the tunnel. Transitioning from bright sun to the dark tunnel doesn't allow you to see it. No information was found as to when they plan to make repairs, but they normally work on it each rise to another hazard! Please be careful."