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    Spring Opener

    Season Opener

    Spring has sprung and it's time to start riding. I usually want people to feel sorry for me because of the harsh winters here on the east end of Lake Ontario but this season was quite mild. I had the bike out once each in Jan., Feb., and March, very unusual. Snow four mornings in a row in April threatened to push the season start back a little so I took my shovel and cleared every snow bank from the Thruway (I90) to the 1000 Islands. Come on up (or down, eh) and see.

    I took a couple of rides to make sure I hadn't missed any spots.

    Thursday I rode to work (about fifty miles) but knocked off early to pick up an oil filter at the local BMW dealer. I work in Syracuse and Country Rode is on the east side of Rochester in Fairport, NY. My route minimized neither time nor distance. After getting the filter the next stop is my brother's place on the west side of Rochester (Churchville). They were having a surprise birthday party for his wife (50th). She was surprised and she's a very good sport. Being a surprise party I was cautioned not get there early. So rather than going across Rochester I thought I'd go around it. Struck off in a southerly direction but after a while I noticed the sun was shining over my right shoulder. I reasoned I was going too much east and not enough south because I hadn't intersected Rte. 20. Turned right onto a county route that was headed directly toward the sun, I figured it had to cross something I'd recognize sooner or later, it did. Arrival at my brother‘«÷s place was an hour later than I had planned. Between the hellos and goodbyes I sandwiched in a couple pieces of pizza and talked with my sister-in-law's much younger brother. I did minimize t and D as I headed for home because T was decreasing (T=Temperature). DATA 440 miles that day at 42 mpg.

    Saturday I left the house a little before sunrise headed for a conference at Blue Mountain Lake (BML) in the Adirondacks. It was cool but I was geared up. The first 40 or 50 miles is a lot of back roads, not many options for going east/west over the Tug Hill area. From Booneville I took county rt. 3xx (I
    don‘«÷t remember the #) to Woodgate and picked up Rt. 28. When I went through Old Forge the bank‘«÷s time/temp read 6:30/24. That explained a lot. Arrived about 10 minutes before they served breakfast, how‘«÷s that for timing a 135 mile strike. The morning lecture was pretty good but during the intermission the second speaker signs a complimentary copy of his latest book for me. After lunch the schedule calls for free time so some of us sat in Adirondack chairs by BML soaking in the sunshine and solving most of the world‘«÷s problems. Free food, free book, renewed acquaintances, and a nice ride, life is good. About 3pm I headed for home a little down because I was passing on steak and lobster for supper but motivated by the deceasing T I know is coming. From BML I turned north on 30 to Tupperlake then east on 3 to Watertown and then I81 south 25 miles to my exit. Nice little loop through the park. Not very many straight stretches, NY it's not flat. DATA 320 miles at 43 mpg.

    Bike ran great, very little traffic on either ride.

    George Rudd
    1990 K100 LT
    A liter better than nothing
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    George Rudd
    1990 K100LT
    A liter better than nothing

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