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Unfortunately it looks like the website motorcycleroads.com is no longer operating.
But there was a road up there that was on my bucket list that went from the coast to inland. I believe the road starts with a sign that says, "warning, curvy road next 111 miles."

Hoping someone here knows what I'm talking about so that I can perhaps give you a good option, as well as write it down so that I can find it. I know it's pretty far north. I used to live in Santa Cruz and generally stayed between San Francisco and LA so I don't know that much about those roads north of SF.
That'd be CA36.

If you're heading north, I can't recommend the Butler NorCal Map highly enough. I've lived here for nearly 25 years and it still shows me roads I've never ridden.

A classic loop is the 36>3>299 loop out of Eureka. It's a full day with everything from goat trails to perfect and endless sweepers all day long.


They make these for a bunch of states and the roads they point you toward are absolutely outstanding. These aren't like Mad Maps, which seem to be directed to the "roadhouse tour" gang, but to folks like us that want to see cool stuff and ride cool roads.