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Thread: Headlight Guard for F850 GSA

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    Headlight Guard for F850 GSA

    Recommendations requested. I purchased the SW-Motech headlight guard, but it is a flat plexiglass shield that does not angle parallel to the actual OEM light cover. Call me particular, I guess. Looking at the fixed Puig, the Touratech Quick Release and the Wunderlich Folding (folds up to clean the OEM). All appear to be angled so that there is fold in middle to keep the shield parallel to the OEM.

    Any recommendations for what has worked best for you? Thanks, Stephen

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    I have been happy with the Wunderlich product

    Screenshot 2023-04-16 214005.JPGScreenshot 2023-04-16 214030.JPG
    It was easy to install and provide excellent protection, I don't ride at night so don't know how much it dims my headlight.

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