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Thread: LED headlight question

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    LED headlight question

    2011RT, oem low and high beam presently. Looking for better lighting without fussing with the canbus potential issues.

    Recommendations for LED's to replace oem [ or some other type of bulbs maybe ], from experience please. I may have my mechanic install them in June when I get the full service done before my 5 state tour with my brother.

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    Search "low beam bulb replacement", there are some guys who have used them. I am still replacing the OEM's, costly but clear the dash symbols and I have learned that if ya burn out on the road, you can use the brights as running lights.

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    Using the "Tag Cloud", when you type in LED you will see many threads on the subject.
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    Quote Originally Posted by msscull View Post
    I'm probably the lone exception. I had a bad experience with Cyclops. When in the garage the lights would randomly flash once for a second maybe every 2 or 3 hours. I'm not exactly sure how often, as I never took the the time to try and record this. I would be in my garage working on something else and I would see a flash.

    When I contacted Cyclops they told me that this was normal?

    I removed them and went with a regular bulb replacement. Going to add some Clearwater lights.

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    Been using Cyclops Low and High Beam kit. One low bean did fail after 4 years and over 50,000 miles and I replaced both low beams recently with another set of Cyclops LEDs. Great contrast going down road and may comments on how the lights stand out.
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    Although mine’s a wethead RT I’m also happy with the Cyclops solution. I did have one occurrence similar to Moto316 one morning on my way into work where the lights were slowly flashing off and on as if the bike was losing electrical power or something. I chalked it up to the extremely cold weather (for Northern California) we were having at the time and my failure to let the bike warm up to at least one bar on the temperature gauge before taking off. It hasn’t occurred again since in the last 3 months so I chalked it up to a one off experience.

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    I know, reply is a little late, but for what it's worth. I installed Cyclops bulbs (low and high) in the headlight of my 2009 R1200GS, it was a tight fit but I eventually got them in there. I was considering an aftermarket Complete LED headlight assembly but everyone I looked at was non-adjustable and/or didn't have the lower center mount.

    I like the Cyclops, very bright and a sharp cut-off line.
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    +1 here for Cyclops. Been trouble free and no issues.
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    Another Cyclops LED bulb kit vote here. I installed them shortly after buying my '13 RT last November to replace the weak/yellowish glow from the halogens.

    Plug'n'play with no Canbus issues, and now I can actually see the road when it's dark outside and oncoming vehicles can see the whiter LEDs much better during daylight hours.

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    The PO of my 2011 GSA installed Cyclops. I like them , however feel like I blind folks in urban conditions the few times I ride at night anymore. I run yellow bulbs in the GSA outboard lights for conspicuity as it is.

    Actually lost the low beam on way to graduation event yesterday (40K miles) and ran high beam as primary along with my antique PIAA’s. Stopped at auto parts and picked up a standard H7 to install for night ride home in traffic. Will probably leave that bulb in place to address my personal concerns. I have enough lights for night visibility anyway.
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    I installed the Cyclops 3 bulb system on my 2019 R1250RT about a year ago.

    It was a bit of a pain (I removed the headlight assembly to do fhe install), but I am happy with the results.

    I just wanted to comment that their customer support is great. I had a question during install and they were very helpful.

    Now, a year later, I experienced a problem of the bulb intermittently not working. I called and they said they knew what it was and are sending out a new resistor that should fix the issue.

    One other note: after the initial install, I had to flash the high-beams to get the system to work. It's a known issue, but not documented in the instructions.
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