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Thread: Looking for Detroit area / SE MI BMW mechanic

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    Looking for Detroit area / SE MI BMW mechanic

    First post in this forum (long story, I've been a member for several years, though my membership lapsed).

    I have a 2012 GS Triple Black, an HP2e as well and am in the 'burbs North of Detroit. I had been taking the bikes to SE MI BMW for services, but since these are 'older' bikes, I am looking for reputable independent mechanics who might be willing to do simple valve adjustments etc. Detail oriented would be great. I can tackle the usual oil and trans fluid changes, and had wanted to learn valves, just haven't gotten time at the moment.

    Any suggestions, recommendations etc would be a big help to get the bikes roadworthy. Thanks

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    Welcome to the forum! IBMWR has a list of independent BMW mechanics if that's the direction you want to do.

    Looks like there's shop in the far outskirts of Detroit.
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