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Thread: Ontario insurance

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    Ontario insurance

    I just received the renewal notice for my GSA 1250 and it is increasing? They want to charge me $1200

    No claim, I have moved farther north so less hazards and I have a clean driving record. The only change is that I turned 60 but hope that doesn't qualify me for an increase, as a senior I'm hunting discounts.

    Can anyone suggest a bike oriented insurance company in Ontario. The only one I know of is Riders plus.

    Thanks in advance

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    Get a quote from Wawanesa.

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    You probably don't want to know what I'm paying for 3 bikes with higher than normal coverage in the states.

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    Quote Originally Posted by philipyates12345 View Post
    I just received the renewal notice for my GSA 1250 and it is increasing? They want to charge me $1200
    Likewise, no claims and that’s about what I pay for my ‘98 R1100 with Personnel Insurance here in Ontario. Add my K100 and my coverage is outrageous. It seems that once I find sort of an OK rate with an insurance company, the rates increase after a year or two.

    Some Ontario companies have my 1100 on a list of bikes they will not insure.
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    You might try Economical

    I'm paying $1,236 for my R1200R and an '88 Hawk at Economical via Mitchell &Whale brokers in Kingston. Still obscene, but better than I've found elsewhere.

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