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Thread: Annual Bike Week IBA Kick-Off - 2023

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    Annual Bike Week IBA Kick-Off - 2023

    We enjoyed some Long-Distance Rider camaraderie with the growing membership of the Iron Butt Association at the annual spring gathering in Jacksonville, FL. Weather this year was very comfortable (at least in NE Florida). We met many visitors from across the US & Canada outside the hotel and at mealtimes. Places from as far as Nova Scotia, TX, IA, KS, CT, NY, NC, PA, VA, FL as well as Alabama. �� We were actually there to meet-up with K’s best friend from MD and her husband & her Dad. She’s ridden in two Iron Butt’s with 2023 coming soon. Guess it can be addicting for those that are invited to ride (there’s a lottery for newcomers). We’ve done their National Parks Tour twice which was also a lot of fun. Attaching some pictures of interesting long-distance machines for the uninitiated. The deluxe buffet was worth the admission; they gave away many certificates for those who did IB-rides to & around FLA before supper. There were many conversations of rides completed and rides on the horizon in the conference center. You should search for LD rallies in your area if you wanna get in on the eXcitement.
    Ciao; ride safe & ride often! HSV-Phil & HSV-Karen ��

    A few BMW Bikes in the hotel parking lot; note the fuel cell location on this RT...

    Two GS’s from Iowa & Alabama:
    + + + + + + +

    The woman riding this R18 was certified by Mike Kneebone before dinner for her ride around Florida.

    Here’s Karen’s buddy arriving from an eXcursion to get “Tour of Honor” Bonus Locations in FLA on her Big GSA...

    The chap riding this H-D said it’s the 1st HD to ride from Ushuaia ARG to Prudhoe Bay some years ago!

    Another perspective of his tank.

    Some of our dinner attendees; many of the crowd will be there for the ’23 IBR-Launch in June.

    Happy Trails whenever U can - Ciao!
    HSV-Karen & HSV-Phil
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    I haven’t been to a Daytona IBA supper for years, but remember the early gatherings quickly outgrew Stavros, and then the Pizza Hut. The last time I was there it was at a good sized commercial place somewhere north of Daytona and Mike entered the dining area dressed as the evil lord Mordoc or some such character. Anyway, it was always fun checking out the interesting bikes in the parking lot.

    The real draw for most BMW riders back then was the rally at Bulow. That was a party! The Space Coasters club did a very good job with that event.

    Do BMW riders still gather and camp at Bunnel during Daytona bike week?
    -Live as fully as you can as long as you can-

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    Sorry Olde BMW Camper dude; I just don’t know about who wants to camp or where these days. Most of my AlaBeemer associates camp in their 5th-wheeler at a KOA; we camped at the Ramada Inn in Jacksonville with the Iron Butt contingent {Mike is now super laid back what with Lisa running the Big Iron Butt Rally}. He’s about to hand out SS & BB Awards for riders to or even inside Florida [before the big buffet dinner]...

    Here’s a shot of one of our North Alabama Vintage M/C chums {El Presidente of the GA Norton Club}. Guess the Brits still know about gathering for some Sins & Suds in the sunshine state! Those Norton riders simply have more “joie de vivre" than most of the stodgy olde German faithful!

    Our club, MOA-05, just met-up at the Lakeshore Inn for a scheduled quarterly rendezvous... Me & K were the only Riders who actually rode on an abnormally “cold Alabama” weekend... We all enjoyed some Cajun food in Winfield, AL on Sat. {L-R: Tim, Tom [Pam behind camera], Vance+Mari, Phil, Jerryl, David, Karen, & Jim}.

    Here’s a sunset view from our hotel room on Friday along the Sipsey River.

    Get out there and Ride your BMWs with your closest mates while there’s still ICE propulsion and petrol to burn!
    Ciao! HSV-Phil & HSV-Karen

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