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Thread: Which Dealership should I go to; Lehigh Valley adjacent

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    Which Dealership should I go to; Lehigh Valley adjacent

    I have 2002 BMW 1150gs. I got it last year and after a new fuel pump it ran great. Unfortunately, toward the end of November, it's been running with a higher idle >1200rpm and has hesitation in the higher rpms in 3rd and 4th gear. After playing around with it for the past couple of months I really have not seen any improvement. I drained the fuel tank. I replaced some gaskets on the intake tubes and fuel injectors, spark plugs, coil, I even did the TPS reset. I have not done a sync I dont have the tools. I did a valve adjustment and replaced the cam tensioner in June of 2022.
    That being said I'm at a loss of what could be wrong. I might do a hail mary and replace the fuel filter and lines for inside the tank see if it was starting to crack. If that doesnt fix it I want to drop it off either at Montgomeryville cycle or Hermys. Looking for opinions and experiences on these dealers for service. Im on a business trip in April and I would like to drop it then off so they can work on it.

    Any advice or experience would be a big help.

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    Welcome to the forum! Eastern PA I'm guessing? Adding that to your profile will help locate where you are. Hermy's is a well respected shop. That's probably where's I'd go.
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    Replacing the fuel filter would be the FIRST thing I do when you start to get a hesitation at speed.

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    Tinker if you will, but if you just want to take it somewhere go to Hermy's.
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    I don't know anything about them, but Montgomeryville Cycle is a "powersports" dealer...
    Hermy's is BMW and Triumph.

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