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Thread: Ride Suggestions for Southern MI?

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    Ride Suggestions for Southern MI?

    Finally on the road again after a an endless campaign to sort out another old bike...and somewhat unfamiliar with Southern Michigan. Who knows some good "day rides" for Southern Michigan or Northern Ohio? Thanks- JT

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    stop by Ida, Michigan. It's a little town not far off of I-23. There's a beauty shop. Behind the beauty shop there's a little bar/restaurant (can't remember the name, but that doesn't matter, you'll find it). the Mexican food there is great. they started a long time ago because the migrant workers would come to pick the apples, so they got one of the workers to come and cook...that fella showed everyone else the recipes and so it has gone ever since....this is not a fancy restaurant, but anyone in town will be able to direct you to it.

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    Smile SoMich Rides


    Check out this site by a very considerate Detroit Club member.

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    Carls Hideaway is the Mexican place in Ida.Options are limited around here,pretty flat and straight roads.Some good ones in Ohio are S.R.424 around Defiance,RT 105 from Bowling Green to Oak Harbor and the Irish Hills in Mich.Find a river and follow it,although some roads in Mich just turn to dirt when you least expect it!

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    Join the BMWTCD this Sunday morning in Pinckney at the Masonic hall for some breakfast. Quite often someone will lead a little romp through the countryside. The BMWTCD website has all the details. West of Ann Arbor, we have the finest roads in southern Michigan and the most deer. This time of year the traffic is thin, but near dawn and dusk the damn deer start moving. They aren't real smart and tend to leap right in front of you. Be careful.
    Ron R


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