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Thread: Old BMW's found in a hanger

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    Old BMW's found in a hanger

    I'm not quite sure where to put this, I'm more looking for direction. My neighbor keeps his airplanes at the small airport close to us and rides a couple of Victory motorcycles. We ride together and he knows I'm a long time BMW Rider. He asked me to take a look at 4 BMW motorcycles in a hanger as the owner died and his wife needed a little help figuring out what they were and how to sell them. I'm an A&P and pilot and work on both his airplanes and motorcycles. I was stunned to put it lightly, all are original owner motorcycles. 2 need to be in a museum, 1 needs to be brought back and 1 is spoken for. I told them I would help and I have no financial interest at all in the sale of any of the motorcycles. Basically what I'm asking is where the heck is the best place to sell them? The 1976 R75/6 they can clean up and sell as a non-runner to one of the Airhead guys, I'll help with that. None have run for 10 years, all are complete. I'm just going to post pictures. The R60 and the R67/2 were bought in Europe and are they are original owners, yes, you read that right, and they have a story behind them. They toured Europe on them as a young couple, She told us the stories of the bikes and she's just a delightful women. She wants these to go somewhere and be loved. Again, I'm not taking a dime, I just want to point her in the right direction I took these with my phone but I'll be back with my real camera when they are cleaned up. All are located in Wichita Falls Texas. I'm just trying to point them in the right direction.20230128_105607.jpg20230128_112534.jpg20230128_120246.jpg20230128_105545.jpg

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    Possible Donation to MOA Foundation

    It might be an option to see of the BMWMOA Foundation would be interested in one or any of these first to put on display in Greer, SC and/or using them as one of their fund raisers for the Foundations training programs. This Foundation is a non profit so may be some tax benefits to the family.
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    Dave Percival the collector in Maine comes to mind but he probably already has those machines.
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    Possibly Irv Seaver BMW would be interested - the original owner, Evan Bell, and his son Brian, have done quite a bit of restoration work.

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    If she insists on selling them, Bring A Trailer will most likely get her top-dollar for vintage bikes like those. I've used BaT with good results. It can be a pain in the ass to deal with all their requirements (tons of photos, etc.) so it's not the fastest process to work through. But BaT is used by a lot of collectors and buyers with deep, DEEP pockets. Look over their website at the prices completed auctions command and you will see what I mean.

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    I think it would be nice if the owner(s) wife could write up a little documentation on each bike, if she is able and willing, where they travelled on them, experiences they had on them good or bad. I always like to know the personal histories on the old bikes I've had the opportunity to own and pass along.
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