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Thread: Timing Chain Guide Rail Nut/Bolt Torque Spec

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    Timing Chain Guide Rail Nut/Bolt Torque Spec

    I've read through the Clymer Manual and a BMW Service Manual, but I cannot locate where the torque spec is for the nut and bolt on the timing chain guide rail. I think it should be easy to find, but I'm coming up short on this. Can someone let me know what the torque spec is?

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    According to RealOEM, the bolt is M8...doesn't give a thread pitch but probably 1mm. It also seems to indicate that the head markings are 8.8 for class of bolt. This page:

    suggests that an M8 8.8 grade should be torqued to 30NM which is around 22 ft-lbs.

    Snowbum lists some tightening torques for M8 nuts...not sure if that translates to bolts. These nuts aren't for the timing chain but other areas. His numbers for torque is around 17 ft-lbs.
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