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Thread: R1250 RT Option 719 Sparkling Bronze Metallic Paint code

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    R1250 RT Option 719 Sparkling Bronze Metallic Paint code

    I have had a devil of a time finding the paint codes for my 2020 R1250RT. I know the color is Sparkling Bronze Metallic, but need a code to give to a paint shop. Even more difficult is finding out the color of the pinstriping on the body panels. It is not under the seat or on the bottom of my seat. BMW no longer sells painted parts. My dealer doesn't have a way to look it up. I called BMW of America and they "don't give out paint codes". I have gone to Colorite and the other sites and see different answers (B06)(C07/WC07). Any help is appreciated.

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    It appears BMW used this color on at least some cars, so you can probably get a match from that.
    Amazon sells touch-up.

    Good luck with your search.
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    In the absence of a paint code, high end paint shops use scanners to determine what colours go into making the final product. It's also helpful when matching colour for a repair where the entire vehicle won't be painted and the original paint has likely faded/changed somewhat.

    This shop is nowhere near you but there has to be shops in MA that use this technology.
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    Sharp looking bike.

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    paint code

    Had the same problem with my 2016 RT. I went to the dealer to get the code at Max BMW. They have body shop that they deal with. BMW uses a three part paint process to paint the bikes and parts.

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