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Thread: BMW MOA ON Article (p. 54): The Story of a Little Giant

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    BMW MOA ON Article (p. 54): The Story of a Little Giant

    Hi fellow thumpers! The title article is the origin story of my highly modified G310GS, Little Giant. I thought I'd post this to see if anyone had any comments or questions. Cheers, JerryG

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    Thank you for the article -- I enjoyed reading it! Your bike looks great -- and I really love my 2018 G310GS, too. Despite having other BMWs (and a Triumph), I would take the 310 anywhere.

    Again, thanks for an excellent article!

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    Quote Originally Posted by JerryG View Post
    Hi fellow thumpers! The title article is the origin story of my highly modified G310GS, Little Giant. I thought I'd post this to see if anyone had any comments or questions. Cheers, JerryG
    Your name just came up in the discussion about an index of the BMW ON. You thought we all forgot, right?

    Nice article about your 310, one of these days I will make the Wednesday ABMWR ride on my original G/S....

    Go soothingly through the grease mud, as there lurks the skid demon.
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    Excellent article and photographs Jerry. I thoroughly enjoyed it sir.
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    A nicely put together article on an extremely well put together bike.

    Hope your success with it continues.

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    Thanks everyone; I'm glad you enjoyed it. In case you are interested, here are the mods and costs to make Little Giant:

    Mods as Pic.png

    Links for each mod:

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    310 GS Mods

    I liked your article and appreciate all the work you put into that and your bike.

    I have done a few things to my 2022 310 GS that are a little different that I will mention briefly.

    After three windshields I am now using a Wunderlich Marathon windshield with an inexpensive adjustable lip from e-bay attached to the top.

    Protaper bar risers with BMW G650x Challenge bars.

    Koso heated grips (Apollo model) with the on grip 5 way switch. Don't seem to be be as hot as BMW grips but much less expensive.

    Hepco Becker Center stand that comes off center better than the e-bay stand I had before.

    Motobritz wind powered automatic chain oiler hid behind right side cover.

    TFX shorter rear shock (Beemer Shop) with front tubes dropped in front triple trees (rider is undertall). Able to drop tubes because I removed horn from inside front fender well and mounted a Denali Mini Sound Bomb on left side of engine above stator next to cylinder.

    Shad 3P System with Shad Terra TR40 Adventure Saddlebags. It was not readily understandable by me that the Adventure Saddlebags worked with the 3P System and not requiring the larger Adventure racks, but they do. I have left these on ever since I got them. Big storage. They easily come off with keyed bag locks and keyed rack locks.

    Inexpensive Harbor freight top box on rear rack.

    Wolman Rainer tank bag. Use this same bag on my KLX 300. Its a little large but works.

    Adjustable side stand. Took the side stand to 4 Mile Welding in Grayling and had Lon cut out a section and replaced it with a threaded bolt.

    Denali D3 Driving Lights synced with low and high beam. Turn these on high beam and the airfield calls and gives you instructions to land.

    Mitas E07 Dakar + tires. Looks like I should get 10k out of them and the front works on Northern Michigan Now I Got You Sand Roads.

    Russell Day Long Seat. OMG - how well this works. Raises you about an inch. When it rains you have to drain it. It works all day. I mean 18 hour days.

    Did the Tire Pressure Monitors like you did but did not know about the T valves. Great tip. Also run a Garmin XT and Aerostich Temp and Humidity Gauge.

    Wear Aerostich Darian light suit and Gerbings heated gear.

    Thanks again for your article and expense to see what works with the BMW 310.

    Would trade my sister, if I had one, for another gallon of fuel capacity.

    Wayne Koppa
    Grayling, MI
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    No Sis Either...

    I don't have a sister to trade either, so I have my Mosko Moto Aux Pox set up to carry up to four 1-liter MSR fuel bottles. I carried two on the Nova Scotia trip. Looks like the CABDR will be my next hard ride. I'll probably stick with two, but might go with four depending on recommendations from CABDR FB Group.

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