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Thread: 2022 r1250gs windshield options

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    2022 r1250gs windshield options

    Has anyone tried a few accessory windshields? Can you recommend one? If you've only tried one after the oem windshield, you probably don't have any basis for comparison, so please only respond if you have tried a few.

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    Added a bit to the title for clarity.
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    Have 4 OEM windshields and switch them around R1200GS LC first year, 2013.

    OEM Rally: smallest and use in the summer, on low it just blocks the NAV VI, up if offers a little protection if you tuck.

    OEM GSA: Biggest, I use it in PA in the winter months.

    OEM stock: Midsize, I don't use it.

    OEM stock modified: I use this for 3 season trips. Because of my long arms without bar extenders, I roll the handlebars forward and at full lock the Barkbusters press on where the sides of the windscreen were, so I used a sharp sawZall blade and blue tape and cut about 5/8" off of both outside edges over the bottom 6" or so of the screen so the levers never touch with the screen up or down on full lock.

    It is easy to swap hardware from screen to screen, 6 screws, all with the same Torx screw driver.

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    Puig Touring windscreen

    I had a 2013 R1200GS with a Puig windscreen for about 18 months before I traded the bike in for a 2022 R1250GSA. I liked the Puig so much that I put the original windscreen back on the bike when I traded it. I kept the Puig and I'm glad I did. My new 2022 GSA windscreen was way too short so I put the Puig on my new bike and I am very happy with it. It is taller than the original screen but not too tall that I can't look over it. I'm 5'10" and it works well for me.

    I believe this is the same one although I didn't buy the it myself. . The Puig was buffeted a lot by strong winds on the 2013 but it doesn't seem to have that problem on my new bike. I would consider buying the Puig reinforcement kit if this becomes a problem someday.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 075038 View Post

    OEM GSA: Biggest, I use it in PA in the winter months.
    I wanted to switch to the GSA shield but was told I needed the reinforcement kit. Is that correct?
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    OEM GSAs: Does their larger shield come with a reinforcement kit?

    Does the stock new R1200/1250GSA with the big windscreen come with a reinforcement kit already on?

    If so, I did not know that and would look at the parts to see about some upgrades. Thought the knob and winder parts were the same on GS and GSA.

    The large GSA screen has been on my GS for two winters now, maybe 5,000 miles.

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    My GSA did not come with a windshield reinforcement. I'd recommend that you install one, if you want to use a larger windshield. I ran my Puig without for awhile, and it was really wiggly...

    I ended up using the Wunderlich large screen, and like that better. Puig was better than stock for me, but the Wunderlich is better than the Puig, in my opinion.

    I also use aeroflow lower extensions.

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    Quote Originally Posted by crna59 View Post
    I wanted to switch to the GSA shield but was told I needed the reinforcement kit. Is that correct?
    Annie is running a GSA screen on her 2017, R1200GS and has done so for 48,000+ miles. No reinforcement; no problems.
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