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Thread: 1250 Informal Valve Check Poll

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    1250 Informal Valve Check Poll

    Curious about the need for actual valve shim adjustment during your regular service interval. At my 12k, 24k check they were reported to be within spec. Has anyone needed theirs actually adjusted and at what mileage?

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    1200 valve inspections

    Not the shift cam but maybe some peace of mind - I've had four valve inspection performed on my 2018 R1200RT. They've yet to require adjusting. I've kept track of the changes in clearance. All eight valves have become snugger by between .01 and .02 mm over 80,000 km and still well within spec. Thanks to Boxflyer, his videos, and his DIY tools, I'll do the next inspection, and re-shimming if required, myself.
    Gord - Current bike: 2018 R1200RT.

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    The first 12k service on my RT was performed by a dealer and I cannot confirm what was found, but the 24 k service was done during a Boxflyer Tech Day. Only the L/F intake valve shim was close to the tight end of the limit; still in range, but a new shim was installed to bring the clearance closer to the middle of the range.

    I checked the clearances at the 36 k mark and found all were still the same; we documented the valve clearances during the 24 k servcie. Most likely, the dealer found all were within specs and would not have changed anything.
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    2019 R1250 RT. At the 12K service (performed at dealer) I had one intake and one exhaust valve that needed shims changed. And my cam timing was off.
    Bill Rorke #200394
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    2022 1250RT 12,000 mile adjustment needed.
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    2017 GSA, 49,000 miles when sold; no adjustments needed. Only one valve moved from the value of the first check. Moved 0.01mm

    2017GS (Annie’s), 51,000 miles, no adjustment required

    2019 R1250GSA, purchased used with 2,046 miles. I checked valves in anticipation of adding a sidecar, checked again at 13,300 miles during winter maintenance, no adjustment required.
    Kevin Huddy
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    Just checked my '17 R1200RS at 49,000 miles and happy to report that they have not changed at all since new. I checked them at 700 miles just to reassure myself and no changes at any time since then.
    I also borrowed the cam timing check tools from a friend and can also report that the cam timing is spot on at 49,000 miles.
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    2017 R1200GSA 77,000 miles and still good. I do my checks at 18,000 miles due to no change every time.
    2021 R1250RT Checked at 10,000 miles and replaced 6 of 8 shims. 2 were just out and other 4 were at limit, all were high end. Checked again at 30,000 miles and same as last check. This bike now on 18,000 mile interval too.

    Bottom line is you don't know what is going on unless you check. Not difficult to do and worth piece of mind. Boxflyer has a Youtube channel and is a great source of information. One of the few people I would trust to work on my bike and probably the only one more meticulous (anal is a synonym) than me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ramble View Post
    Curious about the need for actual valve shim adjustment during your regular service interval. At my 12k, 24k check they were reported to be within spec. Has anyone needed theirs actually adjusted and at what mileage?
    One exhaust valve shim replaced at 36K miles 2021 R1250RT.

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    84000+ miles on my 2016rt and no adjustment necessary so far.

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    Checked around nine different bikes with this setup and only one exhaust needed adjustment to satisfy owner. It was not quite out of nominal range yet.
    Steve Henson-Mod Team

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    '21 GSA - No adjustment needed at 12K, will check again this month at 21K in prep for long ride to Mexico in February.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rhaines View Post
    One exhaust valve shim replaced at 36K miles 2021 R1250RT.
    I hope you wrote a letter of complaint to the dealer/distributor/mother ship.

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    14 GS. At 24k, two intakes were at min. clearance. I shimmed them to middle of range. All others were at middle of range.

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    '17 GS new to me at 37,000 miles. Paperwork indicated valves checked at 12K, 24K and 36K with no adjustment noted. Had the valves and cam chain checked at 50,000 miles and all valves were closer to middle of range than end and cam within spec as well.

    Paul Ackerman - currently: 2017 R1200 GS

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