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Thread: Can you help me figure out what's wrong?

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    A quick look shows me one possible spot for your trouble. From left to right you have a bundle of wires in a taped bundle. This is not factory. Can you trace the bundle back outside the shell to the right controls? I don't know what the previous owner did but I guess the black wire (I don't have my schematic handy so I am relying on memory) is possibly the kill switch wire. Regardless, wires from the factory if they have ninety degree plug ends on them inside the headlight shell will plug onto the same color terminal on the circuit board. I see a white (what looks like a factory plug) plugged into a black crimped on connector with tape over it. Same with a yellow wire going to green.

    If you get my drift, this is not correct. Do you have a wiring diagram for the bike, at this point you will need one to figure out what the previous owner was trying to accomplish.

    I always stress keeping stock wiring stock, and in a case like this if possible reverting back to stock.

    If I get out to my shop tomorrow, I will try to see if I can find what goes where.

    All the terminals plugging into the circuit board should be the same color wire as the circuit board. Maybe the previous owner replaced the stock right hand switch control with one that had a shorter wire bundle and added a non correct color group of wires to bridge the length distance. If so, he may well have mis wired somewhere.

    Good luck and good hunting. St.
    The black wire runs into a gray wire which goes into what appears to be a gray colored area on the board.

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    Possible wiring

    OKAY, I have my wiring diagram for a 77S.

    From right control kill switch, Green wire goes to what looks like terminal 15 on circuit board, left side of the fuse. There is another green wire at that pin on the same side that goes directly to the ignition switch.

    Also on the kill switch is a green blue wire going direct to the coil.

    Solid gray wires connect to the left side of the fuse terminal 58, there are three wires, one goes to terminal 87b on the headlight relay. One goes two the ignition switch. The last gray wire goes to the left headlight switch on the left handlebar control.

    Black wires are only found on the coils themselves.

    Starter button is a blue /yellow wire and brown/yellow. Tun signal is green/yellow @ 49a, for left, a blue/red wire, right is blue/black.

    Hope this helps, good luck, St.

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