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Thread: High Intensity flashlights

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    High Intensity flashlights

    Who carries a flashlight full time on their motors?

    I carry a Fenix E35eu [ discontinued ] on the RT and a Surefire G2 on the RS. 4 spare 123A batteries for both giving me about 3 hours HI lighting.
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    I don't know about high intensity, but my RT has a nice spot in the glove box that fits a Mini Maglite LED. I also carry a Princetontec EOS headlamp and a Princetontech AMP 1 in my O'Sh!t kit - the headlamp is nice for hands free, and the AMP is nice because it has a bottle opener on the end. For all three, I was looking for something that would take a set of batteries that I could get anywhere.
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    headlamp and flashlight

    I carry both a Klarus high intensity LED tactical flashlight, and a Black Diamond headlamp in my tankbag. In the tankbag for quick and easy access. Flashlight for a quick search, headlamp when I need both hands.
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    Have two lights on the RT.

    Big Larry and Maglite AAA that takes 3 AAA batteries.
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    Ever since I had to plug a tire about 15 years ago in the dark with only the light from the screen of my phone I carry at least one small flashlight all the time. I can't drop a high falootin name about the ones I'm currently packing but one is a rechargeable LED and the other is an AAA powered LED.

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    High Intensity flashlights

    This is what I carry, super little light.

    Pocket-Sized Super Bright Flashlight Set- LUMINTOP Tool AA 2.0 EDC Flashlight with Magnetic Tail and 920mah Rechargeable Battery, 650 Lumens, 5 Modes with Mode Memory, Waterproof Torch for Camping

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    I have a Harbor Freight rechargeable LED that fits in the holder on my 2013 RT. It has worked well for 4 years.

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    cabela's headlamp, gives great light and keeps your hands free. Has a green feature as well. Takes 4 AA batteries
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    On my GSs, have used existing screws to mount kayak paddle clips which hold a standard AAA LED light.
    No digging in tank bag or side cases. Can find in the dark every time. Facing backwards has never had water issues. My 05 RT had a micro OEM one in side compartment of tank. Lost that somewhere

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    Mini mag

    I carry a mini mag, LOL, I used to get them free at one of my jobs, so I have a couple. I have also used the Sure fire lights. For light output the Surefire beat the mini mags hands down. St.

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    GearLight S2000 LED Flashlight


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