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Thread: bent Touratech left side case rack

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    bent Touratech left side case rack

    Hello, I low-sided my 1200GS and scraped the left side case and also bent the mounting bracket. I can still lift the top of the case off for access but cannot flip the top of the case open. The case is angled and cannot clear the grab rail.

    I have attached the photos of the bent bracket. Can this bracket be bent straight again or does the left side of the rack need to be replaced? Since it is still functional, hoping not to spend $500 for a an entire new rack.


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    I would straighten it. It should be done off the bike. Protect the metal with something like leather and clamp in a vice. Use an adjustable wrench to make the simple adjustments frequently checking how it lines up with the mounting on the bike.
    It seems like it did well for you in protecting the bike.
    Go easy and you will be fine.
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    Heat it up a bit and straighten it out using a crescent wrench. The TT brackets are designed with fairly flexible SS as to bend rather than break. I have done this with my TT brackets when my 1150 took a few naps too many... YMMV
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    If you're going to buy a new one anyway no harm in trying to straighten it out.

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    Thank you for your prompt replies. Looks like I found my winter project. I suspect the alignment of the mounting points will be my biggest challenge.

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