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Thread: Gail Thorne passing--A GREAT BMW WOMEN LD RIDER

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    Gail Thorne passing--A GREAT BMW WOMEN LD RIDER

    I received this this morning from the MTF Forum

    We spoke with our friend Paul Thorne this morning and he asked us to post this for him.

    It is with great sadness that we let you know Paul's beloved wife Gail passed away early this morning. Paul and Gail were married for 38 years. As you know, Gail was an avid motorcycle enthusiast and long distance rider. Most recently she placed 1st in the 2019 BMW MOA Summer Milage Contest. Arrangements are currently being made through Lowndes Funeral Home in Columbus, MS.

    We have been friends with Paul and Gail for many years and our hearts are heavy with sadness over Gails passing. We have spent many adventures traveling together throughout the years. More recently we were able to spend a lot of time sharing life stories over dinner. We will cherish these memories forever and will dearly miss our good friend Gail.

    Please keep Paul in your prayers during this difficult time.

    I cannot tell you how much I admired her, a true Rider, I considered a friend.
    Ride Safe,
    Robert Rehkopf

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    RIP shortythorne

    Met Gail years ago at MOA rally after interacting here on the forum many times. She spoke her mind and had some great stories. My thoughts are with Paul and family as they deal with such a loss.
    Godspeed Gail
    Steve Henson-Mod Team

    No one gets out alive, Live accordingly!

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    The membership of the AlaBeemers are also saddened to hear of Gail’s passing. Paul & Gail were the Rides Committee when we became more involved with the BoD {now I’m the Rides Decider-in-Chief [and MOAL President; Karen’s the Secretary]}.

    I was just making arrangements for December's Holiday gathering at Eagle Point in BHM on 10Dec. Believe it was the last club rendezvous that Paul and Gail attended when they were headed to FLA for further treatment. Sending prayers west to Paul and the whole extended Thorne family.

    Sincerely, Philip & Karen Ager

    Visitation is on Monday, 10-11; 21Nov22 at Lowndes Funeral Home, 1131 N Lehmberg Rd, Columbus MS. Burial to follow at 1100.
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    All our heart's hugs to Paul.

    Gail was a force to be reckoned with!

    I'm proud to have known her.

    Live fully. Laugh deeply. Love widely.
    BMW MOA Ambassador Emeritus / FOM / Roving Forum Moderator/
    Selected Friends of Wile E Coyote/ A Million 100 thousand BMW sMiles

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    ITSteve: ride in peace my friend
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    Sorry to hear this.

    Always enjoyed reading posts by Gail.

    Some people are stingy in providing their thoughts on any given subject, not Gail, very generous in sharing.

    Gods speed.

    Wayne Koppa
    Grayling, MI

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