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Thread: OLMAX MOTORS Tire Changer

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    OLMAX MOTORS Tire Changer

    After 48 years of doing so, gone are the days of using tire irons and plastic sheets to protect my rims during tires changes, especially on my anodized or painted rims. By the way, I am not going to get into "you can get tire changes done cheaper at the shop" except they do not give you a new rim if the nick or gouge it; I never have in 48 years of changing tires, so I'll stick to my system, thanks.

    And after putting on a new rear Michelin Anakee 3 on the R1200 GSA LC earlier this year, talk about a stiff sidewall. Forget about 200 pounds of me and my knees trying to get the bead into the drop center. I now have a tool for that which I have not tried yet.

    So, after a bit of searching, I went for the OLMAX MOTORS Tire Changer. I also looked at the No-Mar, but even though my basement shop is large, I didn't want to waste any more floor space. And this tire changer stores nicely. There are quite a few videos on YouTube.

    Considering it shipped from Poland, it arrived in excellent shape and took 50 days to get to my front door.
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    I have to say, quality construction.
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    I am looking forward to using it, but my front tire on my R1200 GSA LC is still good for a bit. After that, I'll get a Kawasaki H2R so I can get some use out of this tire changer.

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    Looks like a nice setup! I have a no-mar that I really enjoy using - it's paid for itself in just pure convivence. Tires arrive to me from Dennis Kirk the next day (with cheapest prices I can find). I still keep my spoons around as sometimes it's just easier to use a couple spoon for the final 20%. It's amazing how much having the proper technique, enough tire paste, and a warm tire helps.
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    Quote Originally Posted by drneo66 View Post
    It's amazing how much a warm tire helps.
    Damn, now I got to buy a bigger oven.

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