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Thread: 76 R75/7 brand new heads and loud ticking?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Na Cl K9 View Post
    When you’ve got everything back together and running, if it still makes noise try advancing the timing a degree or two. When your bike was new, gas was not a problem for its high compression pistons. You have restored compression but now gas is a problem for high compression engines. Under light throttle ignition knock is a soft tapping sound. Hard throttle can produce a noise like a loud rattle. Scary sound. For several reasons, the knock can be on one side only.
    Actually, try retarding the timing a degree or two. Also check the timing on both sides individually with a timing light. My /6, when it had points, would have quite divergent timing on each side because the nose of the cam where the advance mechanism mounted had a .005" wobble. To the point that one side would show F in the timing window at full advance and the for the other side the F would be out of the window.

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    Since it seems that nothing is wrong with the motor mechanically, maybe the noise comes from somewhere else, like the exhaust system.

    I remember one day after having everything reassembled, I did a test ride and got a shocking noise and metal banging. Forgot to tighten the screws of the crossover pipe between the headers.
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    Last night we watched James Bond in Goldfinger and this thread came to mind.
    Maybe someone has placed a bomb in there ?
    Could happen

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    Quote Originally Posted by nickrides View Post
    Last night we watched James Bond in Goldfinger and this thread came to mind.
    Maybe someone has placed a bomb in there ?
    Could happen
    Hell at this point, I wish the dang thing would go off

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